Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wednesday 14th December 2016.....Vegas here I come!!!!!!

Wednesday is my exercise free day but I did go for a walk around the neighborhood this day I am going to walk all over town and just take photographs of door knockers and handles!!!

This is just one I liked this morning...

This is San Antonio church which is the church that can be seen from the tennis courts!!!
Another favorite saying here is that you never know what lies behind any door....

Want to guess what is behind this door!!!!
If you guessed 3 clay tennis courts, 8 apartments and a small RV park for 12 small motor homes you would have been right!!!

1.00 pm and time for poker...this was my biggest win to date 370 pesos....I guess I had my poker face on!!!!

Tonight is the last of my English classes for the year.....and as it was Wednesday my students had to talk about what they had done to pay or pass it forward.....this I started a month ago and already it is sweetly blossoming into something quite wonderful....they have all entered into the concept and the things they are doing are quite amazing and also very touching.....
Tonight they talked about helping a homeless man, rescuing a dog from a highway and giving chocolates to kids on the street.....
We just sat in a small group and was the high light of my day....
Tomorrow the other Thursday night teachers Maggie and Giff and myself are taking them out to dinner to celebrate their first semester and the Christmas break!!!

 I took these shots from the balcony of the school looking towards the main Jardin!!

Now I have to decide what to do with my winnings!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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