Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Tuesday 6th December 2016...tennis rules!!!

A perfect start to my day..on the courts at 9am   ...sun everywhere and 2 fabulous hours with three great friends, Diane, Jenny and Loren...let me tell you this town has some awesome women tennis players and we had some riveting rallies!!!!

I was home in time to have some early lunch, sort out some paper work and then take Little Blackie to the mechanic that is about two blocks away...the rear tire has a slow leak..so I left her there and then walked about 25 minutes to my fitness class with Joe....I can tell he is upping my levels on the Power Plate and it was a great work out!!!

I then walked back through the small market bought 4 bananas for...wait for it..3 pesos...that is almost nothing!!!!

Then went and picked up Little Blackie and that cost was 50 pesos...just amazing!!!

Next stop Dr.Laura to finish off my crown...my second selfie!!!

All installed and all is well.....
Finally home around 5.00 pm and cooked a nice meal, a lovely hot shower and now some television....

Life is good....

Yashi Kochi!!!

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