Saturday, December 03, 2016

Saturday 3rd December 2016...Daniela!!!!

Today I had arranged to pick up Dani from Casar Hogar along with two other girls and take them out..this would be my first time attending Casa Hogar in nearly 4 years and I arrived on time rang the bell and was admitted but Dani was not there but she did arrive a few minutes was so lovely to see her and she has grown into a beautiful young lady.....we went to speak to one of the Madres to ask permission for me take them out but I was told that only the head Madre could grant permission and she was not at the Dani and I sat and talked for about 15 minutes with her very limited English and the same for my Spanish we were able to communicate a little..I told her I was sorry that we could not go out but I will come during the week with my Spanish teacher and see if we can arrange for next Saturday...she looked really happy.......I had no expectations but I was just happy to have seen her for a short time!!!!

Blessings and have a great weekend!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Croft said...

I can imagine how nice it was to see her, it has been a long time! I hope you get more time with her, you have a lot of catching up tp do with each other.

mexicokid said...

that is for sure i will make a trip there this week and see what the situation is cheers and hope you are settled and warm ..L

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