Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday 11th December 2016.....a big hike day!!!

Only 4 of us went on the big hike today but we did pick up another hiker right at the start of the hike....
I named him CAP!!
 and he followed us all the way to the summit and as soon as we got back to our starting point he left..he was a cute dog!!!
 That is where we are heading and it was a really interesting morning sometimes clouds, sometimes above the clouds but always very beautiful!!

 I like to think this one is the shot of the day!!
 The sky was a vibrant blue and the air  fresh..

 It was a steep climb for the first hour then we levelled out and went into some lovely shaded forest areas..
 and after two and a half hours reached the high point just over 9000 feet and enjoyed this view..
 Susan, Pierre and Analise enjoying the break, their lunch and the fantastic view...
 Cap checking out the countryside too!!

being as he forgot his lunch at home he had to have some of mine!!

 The return was much easier and the clouds had all lifted and this guy was checking us out!!!
We were gone nearly 6 hours and we reckon we hiked close to 10 really was a nice hike and thanks Pierre for all you hard work charting and leading these hikes and Analise a safe journey back to Switzerland tomorrow.

Came home and just relaxed before going into town and checking out the start of the big celebrations as tomorrow is a Public Holiday!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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