Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday 16th December 2016...something a little different!!

Being as this is known as Pearson day when I do nothing I thought you may be interested to see what I did on this day eight years ago!!!!

  I  took the local bus to the big Tuesday outdoor market.IMG_1567
I don’t think there would be anything you could not find here.IMG_1572 IMG_1577
IMG_1570 IMG_1578
I did buy some fresh strawberries and a few hair supplies for Paola.
Took the bus back to the house and spent a couple of hours doing chores then walked back into town for my afternoon class.
I spoke to Lilly, the teacher, and asked if it was OK to bring in my computer and show the kids photos of my family, the snow in Nanaimo and some animals I have seen on my travels, she thought it would good for the kids.IMG_1579
I love the photo Paola is in the centre on the back!IMG_1581 She has a good sense of humour and wanted to try on my glasses!IMG_1582

These children are really wonderful and I always come away from the class with warmth in my heart.
I then walked down town to the main square where they had erected a huge Christmas Tree and decorated it with Poinsettias.  The whole square looks lovely.
Decided I had done enough walking for one day so took a taxi home.
Yet another great day finished, take care blessings….
PS  I was sent this photo from homesnow
today.  I used to referee soccer games here.  The mountains in the back ground are truly spectacular!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

The Tuesday market is crazy and loud. You can get whiplash trying to look at everything.

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