Saturday, December 10, 2016

Friday 9th December 2016......two for one!!!

Had some Internet issues last night so you lucky readers get a two for one blog today!!!

So going back to yesterday morning found me on the courts at 9 am and these guys still have lots of great tennis shots in their was a greatncouple of hours and I want to thanks Steve, he is in the middle, he has organized this group for all the years I have been playing, not easy to schedule everyone but Steve you do a great job...thanks!!!

 After tennis I just get a chance to come home grab something to eat relax a tad and then off to Joe's gym for my session..another great workout and I have lost another 4 pounds down to 182!!!!

I then did some chores in town before coming to meet Bonnie for my Spanish lesson i was trying to talk the whole hour in Spanish, only in present tense but very slowly I am finding my way around this lovely language!!!

Had a quiet evening just relaxing watching some TV and doing some writing.....

So now onto today which as you know by now is a Pearson took it east this morning and then did my favorite hike here in SMA..

What is at the red???

So the hike up there goes by this canyon
and straight up to the cross..
Soon afterwards you get this view..

and about half way across the bridge you get this view..
and then my "meditation" slot canyon!!!
I always come back from this hike feeling refreshed and happy and very blessed!!!

Tonight!!! television and just maybe a hockey game!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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