Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday 17th September 2016...a sporty day for my last full day in Scotland!!!

So Saturday is normally my "sporty" day and this was no exception but first I had pick up my car from the office down town so after breakfast around 8.30 am I put on my walking shoes and walked into the city it took me just over one hour and the great young lady at Europcar had my vehicle waiting for me and out I drove with Wee White one!!!!

The same as the black one except this has 5 doors, a nice car!!!
I came back and parked at the house because at 11 am I had booked a tour of the stadium right across the street!!!
My bedroom is on the top floor of the building with the red door!!
This is the national stadium and was for many years the largest stadium in the world and had the record attendance years ago of over 147000 fans!!!
It was a really interesting tour we were allowed to go into the dressing rooms, the Referee's room and even the hallway where the players come out on to the pitch!!!

Had some lunch and then Kathleen told me how to get to another soccer stadium where I had a ticket for the involved first a train into the city

Then a short walk down the main street
Then a short tube ride to this stadium!!!

Rangers has a huge following and the stadium was almost full...
 I had a great seat..
Today was celebrating Armed Forces day!!!

The boisterous home fans!!!

Told you I had a great seat!!
The band of the Royal marines Scotland at half time!!
Everything about the event was great except the game itself, very boring and with very little action glad i do not have to watch that every week.

On the walk back to the tube station up close and personal with a Police horse!!!
Talking of Police on the walk back to the house I passed by this car and this was the make and model of the first police car I ever drove back in 1969!!!
Bought myself a Scottish national football shirt I love the color!!!!
So ends my journey through this lovely scenic and friendly country!!!!

I leave in the morning and head back into England and stopping off for one night to visit my lovely friend June, from the cruise last year I look forward to seeing her again and then Monday return to Janet and Malc and yes you guessed it getting my dish washing job back!!!

Wish you all a safe and happy weekend!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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