Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday 21st September 2016....Tis a sad day when..........

My whole family were raised in the Salvation Army and I believe the upbringing I had has served me well in later life....Janet and Malc attend the Army in the city of Hull a few miles away and the charity work they are both involved in takes a chunk of time each week and on Wednesday Janet is the driving force behind the hot lunch they serve in their very well appointed kitchen........Janet every week gives selflessly of her time and effort to make sure men and women on the streets can have a hot meal and today I went in to help....

 Janet does the menu planning, the buying of the food and then the cooking an Angel for sure!!!
 The 9 kg of peeled spuds was my doing!!!

 and then it is manning this machine!!!
 Today they served tea and coffee and biscuits for 2 hours before lunch then a hot meal as you see above followed by apple pie and ice cream........42 meals were served today and you can imagine the dishes I had to do!!!
We were there nearly 5 hours and treated ourselves to  McDonald's milkshakes on the way home!!!!
Well done Janet!!!

Late afternoon I went for my usual walk almost 4 miles and not much to see today!!!

So why is it a sad day you are wondering???

I shall tell you...rather than watch a live soccer game tonight I sat and watched Britain's Bake Off!!!!
Yes a Pearson boy watching a cooking show...can you believe it...I can when I asked Malc if there was a soccer game on tonight and Janet gave me the look and said......Bake OFF!!!!!
You know what??   I really enjoyed the show!!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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