Friday, September 02, 2016

Friday 2nd September 2016...another one I think you will enjoy!!!

I have really enjoyed my two nights here my host has been great and after breakfast and packing a lunch I was on the road by 8.30 am...I was looking forward to these kind of time table and not knowing what i would see and visit..Michael gave me a route that included mostly back ride along and enjoy the sights!!!
I picked a good day warm and sunny!!!

A different look...

With all the rain last night the waterfalls were in full force..the scenery reminded me of New Zealand and also Iceland and also Ireland!!!!
This is a single track road with small pull outs for when traffic comes the other to drive!!!

I pulled over the brow of the hill and here they were enjoying the breakfast cud!!!!
How do they see where they are going??
This one could be an advert for Kentucky fried chicken..."Finger lickin good"!!!!
One of each!!

The next two shots are of Victoria Falls they are named after Queen Victoria who visited in 1887...I could not look at these without remembering my visit to the Victoria Falls in Zambia and thrills I had there!!!

So many fantastic water scenes!!!
What a beach!!!
Memories when this song played!!!
I stopped here and walked into the gorge...

I think you must agree the scenery was quite simply lovely!!!

Around 5.00 pm I was arriving at my stay for the night another airbnb this time in a Crofter's cottage way out in the middle of nowhere!!!

The view from my room!!!
The host Ian is an interesting man and again he offered anything in the house for me....the soup that I had yesterday in the restaurant was so good I bought an extra container and that is what I had for supper and it was just as good......had a great bath and after I write this going to plan my day for tomorrow....there are some hikes I want to do and the weather I hope will cooperate.

If you are wondering where I am..on Google maps type in Achiltibuie and you will see I am out in the Boonies!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Ruth said...

Wow, gorgeous scenery! Yes, it reminds me a lot of Iceland.

Enjoy your hikes.

mexicokid said...

thanks great scenery and the roads are fun but challenging L

living.boondockingmexico said...

Great pics! I am finding some great deals on camper rentals in Ireland and Scotland. Who knows!

mexicokid said...

and loads of places to Boondock too..cheers L

Saturday 19th May 2018...Day 44!!!!

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