Saturday, September 03, 2016

Saturday 3rd September 2016.........this and that and the other!!

Last night was maybe the best sleep I have had for a long time slept right through till 8am...Ian prepared a nice light breakfast and I was packed up and on the road shortly afterwards...I did not have far to travel but I wanted to take the roads less used and believe me when I tell you I am in the wilderness but it is so beautiful enjoy the journey on those tiny roads again with me!!!

The sun just coming through..

Just like a post card!!!

Told you the roads were narrow...
At last some exercise!!!!

No one in sight!!!
The falls remind me of my favorite hike in San Miguel to the slot canyon and suspension bridge...I sat here for a while and counted some of those awesome blessings I have been given!!!

This is on the way back to the car park..

Amazing views and the heather is everywhere...

I wonder what the history is here??
Went to this lonely lighthouse and walked on the cliff tops...the weather changed and I did get a wee bit wet!!

Back into the village passed these great beaches!!

Never seen a road sign like this before..
The village where I am staying tonight..
I could not get an airbnb so i did find this B & B on door is the grocery store...
Room is small but suits me fine...
there are 12 other guests and I get a cooked breakfast in the morning..

My friend Carol sent me this very interesting article...

Study reveals 'extraordinary' DNA of people in Scotland

  • 17 April 2012
  • From the sectionScotland

Tom Conti
Image captionThe study revealed that actor Tom Conti is related to Napoleon Bonaparte

The DNA of people living in Scotland has "extraordinary" and "unexpected" diversity, according to a new study.
The Scotland's DNA project, led by Edinburgh University's Dr Jim Wilson, has tested almost 1,000 Scots in the last four months to determine the genetic roots of people in the country.
The project discovered four new male lineages, which account for one in 10 Scottish men.
It also found that actor Tom Conti is related to Napoleon Bonaparte.
Scotland's DNA was set up by Dr Wilson along with historian Alistair Moffat, the current rector of St Andrews University.
Using new technology, scientists were able to pinpoint a participant's DNA marker, from which they tracked the person's history and lineage.
Conti and Napoleon both share the M34 marker, which is Saracen in origin.
The project found that Scotland has almost 100 different groups of male ancestry from across Europe and further afield.
More than 150 different types of female DNA from Europe, Asia and Africa were discovered.

Royal line

Researchers believe that Scotland's location could be a factor in the "astonishing and unique" origins of people from the country.
In a statement, Dr Wilson and Mr Moffat said: "Perhaps geography, Scotland's place at the farthest north-western end of the European peninsula, is the reason for great diversity.
"For many thousands of years, migrants could move no further west. Scotland was the end of many journeys."
Scotland's DNA also found that more than 1% of all Scotsmen are direct descendants of the Berber and Tuareg tribesmen of the Sahara, a lineage which is around 5600 years old.
Royal Stewart DNA was confirmed in 15% of male participants with the Stewart surname. They are directly descended from the royal line of kings.
Scientists believe comedian and presenter Fred MacAuley's ancestors were slaves, sold at the great slave market in Dublin in the 9th Century, despite his name suggesting a Viking heritage.
They said MacAuley's slave ancestor was taken by ship to the Hebrides and had an affair with his owner's wife, thereby intruding DNA into the MacAulay line.
Scotland's DNA will soon be renamed Britain's DNA as the project aims to widen its genetic study to include the English, Welsh and Irish.

So had a bath and a light dinner and now doing some final planning...

Tomorrow I move to this place below which is really remote and there is No Internet so no blog or e mails and I am staying there 2 nights in a self conntained mobile home so I look forward to the solitude and hopefully some great hikes...

Stonechats Croft is a working croft in the Scottish Highlands and it has been said we have the most wonderful views in the whole of the UK. The croft land goes down to the Atlantic Ocean and Badcall bay which is ideal for the sea kayaker and those that fish.
If you are a photographer that loves wildlife, nature and surreal cloud formations with the most amazing colours, this place is for you. For hill walkers there are some of the best walks in the UK in the area. 15 minutes from the croft is the world famous Sandwood bay, said to be the most romantic beach in the world, also the prettiest in the UK. There are resident sea otters on the croft and regular visits from the white tailed sea eagle. From the croft Mount Suilven and Mount Quinag are clearly seen. This part of Scotland is said to be the last wilderness in Western Europe. Next to the croft is the Kylestrome Estate with some spectacular walks round loch Glendhu and Glendhu forest. The world famous Handa Island is 5 minutes drive away, so if its puffins, razorbills, black throated divers and buzzards this place is perfect for those that love bird watching. If its isolation you want, Cape Wrath is close-by which is the most north-westerly point of Europe. Close to Cape Wrath at Durness is Smoo Cave where the Celtic tribes lived 5,000 years ago. Also in Durness is a museum dedicated to John Lennon as he spent much of his childhood holidaying in Durness. If it is a night out you want, to sample the best sea food in Europe and listen to some traditional folk music, Ullapool is only a short drive from the croft. Stonechats Croft is open all year so if it is a winter break you need to relax and escape the modern world, this place is perfect.

To my Canadian readers a happy and safe holiday weekend.....see you all Tuesday!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!!

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