Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday 13th September 2016......a driving day!!!

and a lot of it in weather like this...

I had a distance of around 150km to drive on mainly secondary roads....saw this bridge and stopped..

 I spoke to a man in the parking lot and he told me after spring run off sometimes the river explodes over the banks!!!

Then down a little side road I saw this castle

 and walked across the meadows
 this was the only section still standing
 Somebody with a good sense of humor...
 but then I see this and the candles and flowers were still inside so maybe a wedding the weekend just gone...

 I climbed up over a mountain pass and into the clouds....
 and then it got a little and the fertile valley's appeared!!

 It was after 5.00 pm when I arrived in Aberfeldy (Google to see where I am) where I am staying for 2 nights...met my hostess Alexandra who showed me around the house I have access to all the house

 Love the decor in the bathroom!!!
 and the view!!!!
After I got settled in I walked about 1 km into town and had a nice Pub dinner and back home I had home made pie and a nice chat with my hostess, an interesting and well traveled lady....
Bath time and now ready for bed.....tomorrow is going to be hiking to waterfalls day!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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