Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday 14th September last day in the Highlands!!!

Again these are the kinds of days I do enjoy and especially as this will be my last full day in the Highlands as I move to Glasgow for 3 nights tomorrow.
Alexandra had left for work before I surfaced this morning but she had left all the breakfast foods out for me and I enjoyed breakfast whilst reading and looking at where I was headed today.....last night Alexandra told me of two waterfall hikes I might like and that was the plan......

So on no time table and no idea what to expect I was on the road a short drive for my first hike...

The Birks of Aberfeldy

This beautiful short walk is extremely popular. Popularized in a song by Robert Burns, the fine walk up the steep gorge of the Moness burn reveals several waterfalls.

A short hike up a steep gorge reveals these lovely falls but it was difficult to get close enough to take a good photo...

Never get lost when you have an arrow pointing the right direction just like on the Camino!!!

I was told to take a different path back to the car which would show a good view of the town and this certainly was the case...
and with my 20 optical zoom there is the bridge!!!
Also passed by this on the way back!!

It was about a ten minute drive to my next hike and I had to pass over that same bridge so I stopped for another photo opportunity!!
The small village of Kenmore and it's Loch
This is where I parked and went out on a 6 mile return hike...
I love hikes like this one...a good work out, great views and no tourists!!!
Looking back my car is there somewhere..
Those grazing sheep have wonderful views!!!
We have the 3 Musketeers...the 3 Tenors.... and now the 3 Rams!!!
I think these are pheasants!!!!
Last night when I was talking to Alexandra I told her in all my days here in Scotland and all the Highlands and outback areas I had driven I had seen no deer, she was amazed as they are in abundance in this what did I do this morning???  I did what I used to do when I was on safari with Sonja and delwin in South Africa.....most mornings I would say before we set off on our drive that this morning I would like to see a leopard or a Zebra or a hippo and usually we this morning I said to myself I would like to see deer...and I did!!!!
Only a brief glance as they pranced through the heather so please be content with this shot from the Internet!!

It was a great hike so far but the best was yet to come.....
Heading back down the track I first heard then saw the waterfall!!!

Then it was off here
From the Internet!!
The track starts close to the centre of Acharn Village on the south side of Loch Tay. This short, robust route heads away from the loch, ascending through a wooden gorge to a small man made cavern known as the ‘Hermit’s Cave’ and reputed to have been visited by Robert Burns and William Wordsworth in days gone by. Follow the tunnel though the cave and enjoy the breath-taking view of one of Perthshire’s finest waterfalls, cascading from above as well as the view up Loch Tay to the mighty Ben Lawers

I did go into the cave and the views were so rewarding..

Not a bad last shot don't you think???

With the two hikes i reckon I covered almost 8 miles and figured I deserved a good hearty Pearson type meal!!!!!
Even got a Yorkshire Pudding!!!

What a lovely had a great soak in the tub another lovely chat with Alexandra and now after this going to finish my book tonight!!!!

Stay tuned the next three days it gets exciting!!!

Yashi kochi!!!


Carol said...

That waterfall is spectacular! One of your best ones I'd say! Cheers...

mexicokid said...

i have seen so many in so many countries love every one of them....have a great weekend L

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