Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Monday 20th September 2016....the rain did me in!!!

My first sleep at home was a really good one and after my peaches and yogurt I had to take Wee White One back to it's owners which I did around 10.30 am.....I have been so fortunate to have hired vehicles in Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, England Ireland Wales and Scotland....driving on the "wrong " side of the road without any incidents!!!
It rained most of the morning so my looking forward to my first tennis game in a couple of months this afternoon was not going to be.....
So Malc and I took Malc's Grand Dog, Poppy for a walk around a lovely wooded area close to the village!!!

This swan was really feisty!!!
We stayed clear of him!!
The joys of being a Grand Father!!!!
Malc went home and i continued on my usual walk as i could not get on the tennis courts...

It is a walk of nearly 4 miles first through the village and over the railway lines...
and then into the country..it is flat but a good hike which I always enjoy!!
There are many stables in this area with some beautiful horses!!
On the way back i stopped at the local flower shop i always like for Janet to have fresh flowers in the house and today I got a real bargain ...for all the flowers below only 5 pound!!!

Janet did a great job on the arrangements!!!

We then had a fabulous meal and I spent some time sorting my things out and then settled down for the evening and watched a live soccer game...great to be home!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Three flower arrangements for £10.00! A good deal indeed.

mexicokid said...

no not 10 pound but 5 pound it rivals Mexico..cheers les

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