Thursday, September 08, 2016

Thursday 8th September 2016...well I timed that just right!!!

My hostess starts work at 8.00 am so I have the house to myself and I took my time had poached eggs, read a newspaper and did some planning, yes more planning I know I have done a lot of that the last 16 months!!!
The weather was not looking great but I had a few places I wanted to see and was on the road and back to John O' Groats and a short distance away parked to do a hike here...

as you can see quite misty..
see the stacks??
Some deep cliffs with nesting birds...

Looks like you can walk to the stacks!!!
I love this shot below, wild desolate and the view all to myself!!!

The Stacks of Duncansby are some of the most impressive in the British Isles. The Great Stack is over 60 m high and rises above the summit of the adjacent cliff. The stacks rises above a narrow shore platform and its partially-submerged reefs along a stretch of shoreline where cliff retreat appears to have been significantly more marked than to the north at Duncansby Head and to the south beyond Fast Geo to Skirza Head (Crampton ad Carruthers, 1914). The pyramids and pillars (or "cletts") cannot simply be coastal forms exhumed from a till cover as these delicate forms are unlikely to have survived the passage of glacier ice, although more substantial rock bosses may have done. The tallest stack now lies around ~200 m from the cliff edge and this gives a maximum estimate of the amount of postglacial marine erosion. More generally, stacks in Caithness are.<100 33-16="" 6000="" a="" above="" are="" as="" at="" backing="" base="" been="" but="" by="" cliffs.="" close="" distances.="" during="" erosion="" failed="" from="" has="" if="" indicated="" is="" it="" just="" last="" level="" m="" main="" maximum="" minimum="" mm="" narrow="" of="" only="" order="" over="" past="" perhaps="" platform="" postglacial="" present="" probably="" rate="" rates="" relates="" remove="" retreat="" sea="" shoreline="" short="" span="" the="" then="" these="" this="" to="" vary="" widely="" width="" years="" yr="">
Taken from the Internet...

I walked further around the cliff tops till I got this fantastic panorama shot!!!

It was about a 3 mile hike and as i reached the car the heavens opened and it poured rain.....I drove to the town of Wick and they have a giant Tesco supermarket and I spent about 90 minutes enjoying myself walking around and making notes of stuff I need to buy before I leave England stuff I cannot get in Mexico and I also treated myself to not one but two pair of long pants...yes I sometimes wear long pants!!!!

Came home and had tea and relaxed and then went to a small Bistro in town and had a lovely lamb burger!!!

A quiet evening at home watching the TV I have in my room...tomorrow I leave and head down the east coast of Scotland...let's keep our fingers crossed for sun!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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Carol said...

Magnificent! TY!

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