Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Wednesday 8th July 2015…a short blog!!!

Woke at 7am and started watching tennis and I have one comment to make and you really need to be a tennis fan to understand this…I also make this comment having been a top flight soccer referee… one stage of the tennis match this morning the Canadian guy and this is not showing favoritism, was serving at a crucial point in the match…they had just played a long rally and you could tell he was a little winded anyway they are allowed 30 seconds to serve and he went over his time and the chair umpire gave him a time count violation warning…I mean really at such a critical time he could have left it alone but no he did it again a few games later …. my view and understanding is when I came off the soccer field if no one knew my name or was making any noise about me I had reffed a good game ..this umpire with millions watching showed his power and totally unnecessary and the TV commentators agreed with my views…the kid went on to lose the match and it was not because of this decision but I just feel in such a competitive sport a very minor infraction should have been left alone…little rant over!!!

Went shopping after tennis and when I came out of the Mall my rear passenger side tire was flat……I managed to get air into it and went to a local tire store….exactly the same as in México..great service right away, great job done and the cost 35 dollars…in Mexico 5 dollars!!!!!

Then went and met an old friend Beryl for coffee which was nice to catch up and then supper with the poker boys and then poker…I could tell from the get go it was not my night and I was out the maximum 20 dollars most of the night but like a good Pearson boy did not give up and made a late serge and finished the night only one dollar in the hole!!!!!

Happy Birthday today to Kirby!!!

Now time for bed.

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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