Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday 17th July 2015…….here comes another weekend!!!

9am tennis this morning another fun time on the courts met some new people and it was a great way to start the day.

After tennis I went to the bank….

MR - NYC - City Hall - exterior sign

I have been a member at this bank for over 20 years and all my accounts and investments are here and I think I am a valued customer……but I was having a bit of a problem and the answer I was getting did not work for me so I went to a different branch after tennis and talked to an advisor and the issue was resolved….it was concerning my credit card it expires in March of next year but I shall be travelling who knows where then so last week at my branch I asked if I could re new my card before September when I leave Nanaimo and I was told I could only apply for this 6 months before the expiration date which is September which does not work for me…so then I asked what if my dog ate my credit card would they issue me a new one with the same expiry date or issue me a new one with a new expiry date and was told with the same date…the best they could offer was for me to some how re new it after September and they would courier it to me…none of these worked for me.

So that is why I went to a different branch saw a new advisor and told her of my dilemma….she called Visa and after a brief chat told me that they could could apply for the card on my behalf and because of the travelling circumstances and the fact I had the card since 2002 with no late charges I could indeed get a new the advisor did the paper work and my new card with a new expiry date will be at the branch next week….so mission accomplished.

Came home and had lunch and decided to cut the lawns……


The front yard and the yard outside the gate..


and the large back yard..


It now matches the grass at Wimbledon!!!!

I felt compelled after cutting the lawns to do this


The night sky from the back deck was awesome tonight!!!



Yashi Kochi!!!

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