Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday 29th July 2015……first post on my new computer!!!!

Well it is not a new computer but one I have bought from my techie guy Mark…..I am liking it already a bigger screen than my other and a lot faster and the key board works…..what many of you do not know is that for over a year the letter p. z and the / keys never worked so for  emails and blogs using the p it was a pain having to go back and spell check and get the p into the word…anyway I am happy with this one.

My partner, Trish, for the senior games lives in Comox a town about one hour's drive away and for a change and to save her driving down here here I went there for tennis this morning at 9am….we had another good game and we are learning about each other’s strengths and we will do well I think.

The courts and the park are situated on a beautiful river and I sat here and had a sandwich after the game.



I then went to the Visitors center



I went inside and one of the ladies behind the counter said right away “I like your shirt|”….I was wearing one of my Mexican soccer shirts and I said thank you and then she asked me in Spanish where I was from and I told her in Spanish I was living in San Miguel and she smiled and told me she was Léon, a town about 70 miles away, small world.

I asked for directions to the best beach in town and a drive of about 20 minutes found me at this beautiful bay!!!!




It was wonderful I swam, slept, ate and read and just relaxed in the beauty of the very warm day!!!!

Saw this guy where my car was parked…..


My next stop on the way home was



where every year they have a huge sandcastle event!!!!



Some very talented artists…..



Saw this sign which I like


Then picked up my computer and here we are again almost 10 o clock!!!!

Yashi kochi!!!!

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