Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday 12th July 2015….tennis then tennis then a trip down memory lane!!!!!

Up at the crack of 6am to watch the men’s tennis final and it was a thrilling game and glad no one took up my bet(except some certain villain in San Miguel) as Roger was beaten by Novak and he played wonderful tennis……finished just in time for me to leave and to go the club and play inside the bubble for two hours…I really have to commend my 81 years young partner, Shirley, she is just great we played the same young couple we played two weeks ago when we lost both sets 7-5….well we got our own back today and beat them both times 6-4…this just wasn’t patsy hitting tennis this was hard and good tennis!!!!

I showered at the club and then went down town(isn’t that a song) for


I have seen these events before and they are world wide and the participants are very eager, energetic and fun loving a lot of them are cancer survivors or fiends of cancer victims……it was a very vibrant down town…








The drummer on the front gets the beat going


and he steers


and they just paddle like heck!!!!


This heat was almost a photo finish!!!

I had to go the grocery store but on the way stopped off to look at my old condo building



the white X was my unit and the front grounds were not like this there used to be a tennis court in front and the building was not painted this hideous color!!!!


My unit was the middle one!!!

This was a great investment for me I bought the condo in 2000 for 65 thousand dollars and sold it in 2006 for 165 thousand dollars….

This is the view from across the street..


I then went by the restaurant where I worked and loved every minute of the 14 years…


Never a sick day and never late and this sandwich board is the same one I carried out and brought back in every shift…good times!!!

I came home and cooked dinner for Kirby and I and he leaves tomorrow to go join Heather and Zach it will be Boomer and me for a week!! 

Yashi Kochi!!!

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