Thursday, July 09, 2015

Thursday 9th July 2015…..another full day!!!

Starting with you know what and then at 9 o clock went to  play

two hours of mixed doubles and I met my partner Trish, we will be playing together in the senior Games next month, she is a lovely lady and we did well togther and  had fun.

After tennis came home and did some chores and then went to visit with Karen I thought because of the heat and her dog Lilly we would just stay inside drink ice tea and eat fattening desserts but no Karen had other plans…firstly Lilly was staying with her son so no worries about the heat for the dog and Karen wanted to go for a hike…who am I to say no…….so off we went to


This is a nice hike through dense forests


and then beside the ocean



Ending up at Dodds narrows a stretch of water where usually the tide flows quite fast but not today…we sat awhile and watched the boats come through



Now I want you all to know that when I took the photo above I did not know until I cropped the photo that this was the driver…

Ladies please turn away!!!


Too funny!!!


It was a nice hike almost two hours and we were both so hungry so we stopped at a local pub for dinner…

Another nice day.

I am going on a one night away road trip tomorrow and hope I have internet so stay tuned !!!

Jalisco firefighters' selfie: Off to Canada. Firefighters' selfie: en route to Canada.


62 Jalisco firefighters off to northern Alberta

Longtime partners called on to help during a bad year for fires


Mexico News Daily | Thursday, July 9, 2015

Firefighters from the state of Jalisco, their season having ended a few weeks ago, have gone to where they’re needed: fighting wildfires in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Sixty-two arrived yesterday in Edmonton, the province’s capital, en route to the north of the province to join the 1,700 firefighters who have been working in the region for several weeks.

As of last night there were 92 wildfires burning in the province, 33 of which were out of control, but the situation has improved: upwards of 120 fires were reported burning on the weekend.

“The fire season in Alberta has been particularly busy,” said an Alberta government information officer. “We’ll take the help that we can get,” said Geoffrey Driscoll.

“Every little bit helps and we’re certainly happy that our partners in Jalisco were able to give us some firefighters.”

The relationship between Jalisco and Alberta goes back at least 10 years. In exchange for helping fight fires in Canada, Jalisco’s firefighters are provided Canadian training. The Alberta government pays travel and housing costs and salaries to the Mexican firefighters when they’re called upon to assist.

“We’ve been working with them on training and a number of different things,” said Driscoll of the arrangement. “. . . we have brought their training standards up to our own, so that’s why we can have these firefighters here.”

Jalisco firefighter Héctor Trejo said he and his crew are ready to go.

“The guys are good to go. Our season just ended a couple weeks ago so we’re happy to help up here.

“Most of the guys, this is their passion — fight fires, get to know the forest — and what better way to do it than come to another country and help others.”

Trejo noted one adjustment his crew will have to make is in the use of water.

“There’s more water in the forest up here than Mexico so that’s a bit of a challenge for us down there and then a challenge up here using water pumps and stuff.”


Yashi Kochi!!!!

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