Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday 24th July 2015…and then it rained!!!!!

During the night there was a torrential rainstorm but I knew my tennis would not be cancelled like it was in San Miguel because the club has the bubble with 4 courts at 9am I was off to the club and two great hours of tennis.

When I came out it had stopped raining but very cloudy and a cooler day.

I went and had tea and a visit with Inga and caught up on her news I have not seen her since I went to the wedding celebration a month ago, that is how quickly time goes by!!!!

Home for the afternoon and got down to making some bookings for New Zealand….. some of the things I want to do there have to be booked and they book fast so I came up with a plan……the country is divided into two islands North and South and both are totally different and I know I cannot see and do everything so what I have done is taken a map of the north island and circled all the things I want to see and the towns I want to go to and now am figuring out the best way to see them…I do not want to travel on a fixed schedule but I do want to have some idea of where and which area I shall be in……the two firm commitments that I have  booked are to go on the Milford track hike with a company (google Milford Track rated in the top five hikes in the world)more on that another day.  The other booking I have made firm plans are to house sit for a couple in Christchurch from 18th December to 13th January, they have a dog so no overnight trips from there but lots of day outings……

The next thing on the agenda for me is the BC senior games which start in just over a month.





I’m so excited to invite B.C.’s 55+ athletes and competitors of all kinds to the beautiful North Shore for the 55+ BC Games to be held August 25th – 29th. The City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver are posed to present the best games ever. For Life, For Sport and Friends says it all. Come and enjoy the friendly competition, the beautiful scenery and the amazing people who call North Vancouver home. From Dragon Boating to a Thursday night event you will not want to miss, this year’s games promises to deliver the very best the North Shore has to offer. We hope to welcome 4000 participants and be serviced by 2000 volunteers! It will be a busy time so plan early for an unforgettable experience in North Vancouver in August 2015.

Brad Lund, President

As you know I have entered into the tennis and then mixed doubles with my partner Trish…..we are in the 65-69 years age group and I have no idea what to expect but I do know it is a huge event and well organized….I have already booked an apartment for myself for 5 days….more on that later.

Heather, Kirby and I sat down after a wonderful dinner and watched a Canadian football game, very entertaining.

Wish all my readers a great and safe and hay weekend!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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