Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Tuesday 7th July 2015..another full day!!

Well here we go again another busy day coming up but first I watched Serena power her way into the Women’s semi finals at Wimbledon..boy is she ever strong and whacks that little yellow ball!

I then packed up some food and drinks and off on a road trip down to Duncan about a 50 minute drive to go on this hike..


Mt Tzouhalem ("zoo-hay-lum") is a fascinating place, with as much history as it has rocky nooks and crannies.

It's named after a fierce aboriginal chief who lived in the caves here, and who died in 1854. Before he moved to the mountain with his followers, he was a leader amongst the Cowichan people. It's documented that when a large party of northern tribes arrived in Cowichan Bay to raid for slaves, Tzouhalem helped to lead an unprecedented alliance of southern communities in response. They baited the attackers with canoes filled with warriors dressed as women, who led the raiding canoes to a bloody ambush on the shores, which no northerner escaped.

There is also a large Christian cross near the summit, originally placed (as a wooden cross) by local Catholic churches in the 1970's, and then replaced by the current welded version in the late 1980's by some Knights of Columbus

  So there are no trail markers but I found a map from the folks at the Visitors service center and found where I needed to park at this lovely church..


  Looking up from here is the mountain


and the X is the cross and seen here with the great zoom on my camera



This was a steep hike through thick forests and all the while hiking I thought about my favorite hike in San Miguel  which also goes up to a cross like this, good memories!!!

This is the San Miguel cross



I think this driver should have turned left instead of right!!!

After about 45 tough minutes I came to the summit and even with all the haze of the smoke the views were quite lovely!!!






I had my lunch with these views and it was a great hike and of course going down much easier!!!

These were the only form of life I saw the whole time!!!


I then drove about 20 minutes on a neat small road



and then onto a gravel road where I saw these two beauties!!!




and then arrived at the destination of my next hike




A short hike with fantastic views of this great structure and again I let my imagination run wild and picture all sorts of goods being hauled on these lines!!!





I am getting good at these selfies!!!


I arrives home at 6 o clock in time for a quick bite to eat and off to the tennis club, never tire of saying that as I have mentioned almost every day…I had been invited to join a men’s doubles but this time a younger group they were in their 50’s I think…this was really good tennis and the old guy here managed to hold his own and it was great fun I must have done Ok they want me to come back….joking aside I am so blessed to be able to do the hikes I did today and then 90 minutes of really hard tennis..I never take my health for granted!!!

Will admit now stretched out on the couch with tea and some cookies writing this….was a good day!!!

Question for you!!!

What is the difference between women’s and men’s soccer!!!!!!




Yashi Kochi!!!

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