Friday, July 03, 2015

Friday 3rd July 2015…..dragging a bit!!!!

Well the birthday boy and his party finally wound down just after 1 o clock they were all well behaved and glad they had fun and I stumbled down to my bedroom around 1.30am but was up at 7am because I had arranged to go for a short hike with Karen and her dog Lilly, but because it is so hot Karen wanted to walk early……so I went over and we did walk into the trails close to the tennis club and little Lilly was OK.

Then went back to Karen’s house and  she made me a nice breakfast and then I went to my local bank.  All of my banking is done on line but for 15 years now I have had a lady at the bank who I have forged a good relationship with and in all of my travels if there was ever a problem I would e mail Sonya…..but she retired a short while ago and I wanted to get hooked up with some one else…and I did so that was good for me.

I then went to pick up my lunch date Irene………I think you all know about my relationship with Roy and that I was his care giver for many years to help his wife Eileen…well Irene is Eileen’s sister in law…can you imagine years ago when I used to go with them it was Irene and Eileen, I used to tease them that I would call them one and two but then they would fight who was number one……anyway Irene is 91 years old, partially blind but lives alone in a big lovely home with her dog and cat…when I got to the house the neighbor came across to me and told me that the ambulance took Irene away about one hour before I arrived… I was getting back into my car another vehicle drove up and a man got out and I introduced myself and it was Irene's grand son…he told me that earlier this morning the home help who come every morning to help with her medicine found her on the floor bleeding from a bad cut to her head and they called the ambulance….I told him if he could have time to let me know later how she is…update just had a call from the grand son and Irene suffered a very minor stroke and was stitched up and allowed home and he said she appears to be fine so that is good news I will wait till Monday and go and see her.

So then with no lunch date, what some women will do to avoid having lunch with me is unbelievable, I came home and I really wanted to take a nap but us Pearson boys do not do that so I got Boomer and off we drove about 30 minutes to here


We hiked around the falls and the scenery I think you will agree is quite lovely!!!!

Different kind of waterfall as it goes over the rocks into like a slot canyon and then turns left!!!




See the little rainbow in the shot above!!!!!




I then followed a trail that went to where the falls ended and lots of kids were swimming here….but I did not let Boomer in the water!!!



That is one big rock lodged in there!!!


It was a lovely afternoon.

Just a quiet evening at home….

Inga sent me this shot of her son Kailen, I talked about him last week, he caught this salmon with his bare hands in the river and took it home an put it on the BBQ


Yashi Kochi!!!

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