Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday 22nd April 2015…..a strange thing happened!!!!

Beautiful morning which I spent doing some laundry, some trip planning, some cleaning and some homework as I start my Spanish classes again on Monday…….I then went to town I had lots of chores to do and then off to poker which is where the strange thing happened I LOST>>>>>>>>100 pesos..not often I loose.

I then went and picked up something I had made any guesses what I use this for!!!!


Will tell you tomorrow!!!

I was home in time to grab a bite to eat and then go to town and my final English class!  I had arranged for my friend Carol to come to class and teach them the basics of drawing…unfortunately only 7 students showed up which was a first but they had a wonderful time…Carol was a great teacher and the students have some talent!!!






Thanks Carol!!

I cannot begin to tell you how enriched and blessed my life has been by these two years of teaching..I have met and made friends with some wonderful and special people…..I tell them every class how proud I am of them.

Tomorrow night the two other teachers and my self are going to take them out for dinner for their graduation gift!!!!

Now relaxed watching another hockey game!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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