Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday 23rd April 2015………their final day!!!!


You know the opening lines by now..lovely sunny etc. etc.……..

Had a great two hours of tennis this morning what a wonderful way to start the day…did some more errands in town(do you know anybody that has more errands in town than me)

I had no plans for the afternoon so after lunch I found my lounge chair, my book, my ice tea and yes my chips….and relaxed outside in the back garden……

Tonight was the big dinner for our Mexican students….Maggie and Giff who teach them Thursday nights and I planned to take they out to dinner and treat them as a farewell graduation gift….we met at Hecho’s a lovely restaurant which I had booked and I requested that we have a waitress or waiter who spoke really good English because the “rules” for tonight are that they look and order from the English menu and speak only in English and if anyone speaks Spanish I have a small cup in which I shall collect 5 pesos!!!!

It was just a brilliant evening as you can tell.







It was just a magical night we all enjoyed ourselves and the students presented us with a beautiful flower arrangement and wonderful glass Mexican case with truffles….they are so thoughtful!!!!!

I know I say it almost every week but these folks are amazing they take three evenings from their very hectic lives, work and family and come to class…….Since September I see a huge difference in their confidence level and their language skills what a delight they have been.

They have their formal Graduation on Saturday at the school and they still have one more year to go….good luck I have so enjoyed every single one of you and you are all now my special friends.

As an aside my students from last year are also graduating and they will have completed the full course they are also having a party tonight to which they kindly invited me but because I cannot go I have arranged to meet the 5 lovely ladies on Monday night and I will treat them to dinner.

Timed my arrival at home for the start of a huge Hockey game between the Canucks and my Flames……

As I write my Flames are ahead 1  - 0 stay tuned!!!




Yashi Kochi!!!!

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