Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday 27th April 2015…..the start of a busy week!!!

I will not subject you to all the errands and appointments I had today but just let me tell you I left the house at 9am and was back at 1 o clock and then out again at 2.30 and just got back now at 8.30pm

It was a good day because I manage to accomplish lots of things and then tonight I had arranged to take my English students from last year out for dinner to celebrate their graduation.

On the way to town the traffic was stopped and then I saw this sight and thought neat another celebration..


It was not until they had gone by that I realized it was not a celebration….


We had a wonderful time at dinner these girls have been an important part of my life for two years and they were my first students… after six years they have graduated and I shall always be proud of them…



Now home and you have guessed it watching another hockey game!!!!

Yashi kochi!!!

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