Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday 20th April 2015………sorting out day!!!!

As most of you know I am taking a cruise to New Zealand in September and then spend the winter months there…. below is the route of the cruise I had put a deposit on…it is a 28 day cruise and actually finishes in Sydney so really only a 24 day cruise…I will not divulge the price but it was expensive and the single supplement is what jacks the price up….



Today I spent a bit of time on the Internet and I came across this cruise which is 39 days with lot more stops and this one finishes up in New Zealand and the funny thing is the price is exactly the same so it seems to me I would be better off cancelling my first cruise and get my deposit money back and book this new cruise..the other great advantage is that it starts in Vancouver so I could leave Little  Bluey in Nanaimo and I do not have to find my way to San Francisco…I am going to think on it a couple of days before I do anything…

Day Date Itinerary Arrival Departure
TUE 29SEP15 Sail from Vancouver, B.C., CA 4:00pm
WED 30SEP15 Astoria, Oregon, US 12:00n 6:00pm
THU 01OCT15 Sea Day
FRI 02OCT15 Sea Day
SAT 03OCT15 San Diego, California, US 10:00am 6:00pm
SUN 04OCT15 Sea Day
MON 05OCT15 Sea Day
TUE 06OCT15 Sea Day
WED 07OCT15 Sea Day
THU 08OCT15 Sea Day
FRI 09OCT15 Hilo, Hawaii, US 8:00am 6:00pm
SAT 10OCT15 Honolulu, Hawaii, US 8:00am 6:00pm
SUN 11OCT15 Sea Day
MON 12OCT15 Cross International Dateline 1
WED 14OCT15 Sea Day
THU 15OCT15 Sea Day
FRI 16OCT15 Sea Day
SAT 17OCT15 Apia, Upolo, Samoa 8:00am 5:00pm
SUN 18OCT15 Sea Day
MON 19OCT15 Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands 8:00am 5:00pm
TUE 20OCT15 Lautoka, Fiji 8:00am 4:00pm
WED 21OCT15 Sea Day
THU 22OCT15 Tadine, Mare, New Caledonia 2,3 8:00am 3:00pm
FRI 23OCT15 Sea Day
SAT 24OCT15 Sea Day
SUN 25OCT15 Sydney, Australia 4 7:00am 4:00pm
MON 26OCT15 Sea Day
TUE 27OCT15 Melbourne, Australia 4 8:00am 6:00pm
WED 28OCT15 Sea Day
THU 29OCT15 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 4 8:00am 11:00pm
FRI 30OCT15 Sea Day
SAT 31OCT15 Sea Day
SUN 01NOV15 Milford Sound, New Zealand 5 8:00am 9:00am
SUN 01NOV15 Cruising Fiordland Natl Park 1
MON 02NOV15 Port Chalmers (Dunedin), New Zealan 9:00am 6:00pm
TUE 03NOV15 Akaroa (Christchurch), New Zealand 2 7:00am 6:00pm
WED 04NOV15 Picton, New Zealand 10:00am 8:00pm
THU 05NOV15 Wellington, New Zealand 8:00am 4:00pm
FRI 06NOV15 Napier, New Zealand 7:00am 2:00pm
SAT 07NOV15 Tauranga (Rotorua), New Zealand 6 8:00am 6:00pm
SUN 08NOV15 Debark Ship Auckland, New Zealand 7:00am

This evening I went back to my English class and it was great to see my students again this is the last week for them before they graduate….I have my friend Carol coming to class on Wednesday…Carol is an artist and an art teacher and she is going to teach them how to draw…it will be a great last class and then Thursday night the other teachers Maggie and Giff and I are going to treat them all to diner and to honor their graduation and then on Saturday evening at the school is their formal graduation……

Tonight we were all talking about the last two weeks and we were all thrilled when one of my students Claudia shared with us all that she is expecting her first child…how sweet!!!

Just watched a great hockey game and now heading to bed…

Yashi Kochi!!!

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