Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Wednesday 8th January 2014….doctor day!!!

Well I had a good sleep and only interrupted twice….had a shower and was in the doctor’s office by 8.45am………

It was all very professional and I was greeted by his young female helper who instructed me about undressing I could keep my parent’s rings on my neck and of course had to wear you know what!!!




I was settled in the bed and a really nice touch was that the blankets were somehow heated which was well received.

My Doctor who is in his early thirties started my IV and then two other young men came in and took care of putting me out….he asked me about the Camino I was going to walk and when I was doing it…I am sure I was out before I answered him.

They told me they were going to do the throat scope first and altogether it should be about 45 minutes.

The next thing I knew I was still in the same room and a smile on my face…got to love those drugs!!!!!

I was then placed on another bed and wheeled into the recovery room… I stayed for a while and then the IV was taken out and I was told I could get dressed.

Then I was invited into the Doctor’s office and he handed me a dvd and a report which I have to translate and watch but he told me the colon scope was good and the other scope they will send a small biopsy away but he is pretty sure all is fine.  I have to go back next Tuesday to see him……I paid and left.

It was a great first experience of the Mexican health care system and I was impressed. The total was 10,500 pesos about 800 dollars.

I took a taxi home and will admit I did have some stomach cramps and was tired so I had a nap but strangely enough after 3 days of fasting I was not hungry!!!

I had a long nap and thought I needed to get moving a bit more so I went for a short walk to the local store….came back and made a really good protein shake, a nice hot bath and now 8.30m watching a hockey game and I feel good.

So a different three days and glad it is over with.

I did change my teaching class tonight and the teachers from Thursday  and I do their class tomorrow and I look forward to seeing them all again.

Thank you for all the e mails of best wishes it means a great deal to me.

Yashi Koshi!!!

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