Friday, January 03, 2014

Friday 3rd January 2014…what is that shiny thing in the sky!!!!!

Yes it is true the sun came out today and everyone feels a glow inside I am sure.

Had my protein shake for breakfast and then went into town to do some chores and also went to the podiatrist and had him do some work on my toe from there I went to my Doctor’s office to re confirm that I know when I have to fast and take that nasty drink ready for my little procedure on Wednesday.

From there to the Telephone company…. suddenly my cell phone will not work.  You know when you hear these comments about Mexico not being safe or why do you like to live there this little story may help.

I do try to speak Spanish when ever I can and in the telephone office I asked for an agent that could speak English and I was directed to window number 4 and behind the desk was simply a gorgeous looking woman who spoke great English I explained the problem and she asked my name and I told her and she smiled at me and said that Leslie was her name also that makes us “tocayos” then she explained that this word means we are buddies because we have the same name….I thanked her for the story and also for fixing my phone I had inadvertently locked it up and when I left in  Spanish I wished her a happy new year and told her she was beautiful..she smiled and said thank you… I don’t suppose for one minute I impacted her day but because of her manner and friendliness not to mention beauty she put a smile in my heart!!!

Next stop was Linda and Guy’s where I left Little Blackie and went for my big hike by the press(lake)…it was a beautiful day and so nice to be warm….the hike was great but I was astounded at two things…firstly the height of the water I have not hiked here for about 2 months and with all the rain the lake as risen


I used to bring Paola here she she would ride her bike over that bridge.

The other addition was the incredible number of new brick kilns all with workers at them!!!




Get away from this and it was a lovely hike


X is where I am heading


Is this a pelican…


This building was never by the water


A few other hikers on the trail


This where I stopped for lunch


There is a whole community by the lake




I walked 10 miles and it felt really good to be out and lots of time to listen to my music and of course the usual thinking about my life and my choices and my future!!!!

I then went and picked up the car as I need to exchange it for Linda and Guy’s car you will have to tune in tomorrow to see why.

Stopped at Paola's casa on the way home and joy she was there..she seemed happy to see me and her two little brothers Andreas and Leonardo were there and we had a little visit and I told them I would come for them on Sunday afternoon and take them all to the water park..that made them smile.

Home and had a good meal and a long soak in the tub and now going to settle down and watch some TV.

Yashi Koshi!!!

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