Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thursday 9th January 2014….sunny and warm!!!

Just a beautiful morning so lucky to be here when I read about all the problems and nasty weather back in Canada and the States.

I had a good sleep and apart from being a little tired I feel great I did cancel tennis for this morning and just relaxed doing some laundry, cleaning and sorting and then spent some time working on my Camino trip….I have enjoyed being quiet and staying home and not dashing around like I seem to be always doing….lots of time to think about life and how lucky I am for many great blessings.

Went up onto the roof and did some reading and some Spanish and I think I may have even had a little nap.

Then it was time to do my class preparation for tonight..two of my class had Birthdays so before class I stopped at the bakery and bought two small iced cakes….

Class was wonderful and to see all my students so happy to be there we had a good time got them to do lots of talking and we celebrated the was fun…this has added a new dimension to my life and it is special to connect with these fine people.

Was home by 8pm and it was not cold on the scooter.

Well it has been a different few days and I feel happy it is all behind(pun intended) me.

Yashi Koshi!!!

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