Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday January 18th 2014…..hiking day!!

Was up early to go to meet the hiking group at 8am and a small convey of us went about 15 minutes out of town and up into the hills overlooking the city…it was sunny a little bit cool but I soon got up a sweat…..the path was a steady accent and as you can see the views of the town and the lake was quite spectacular..the lake looks so big and spread out from on high.





It was a good hike and it was nice to see friends I had not seen for a few weeks.

The rest of the day was a lazy day catching up on things and getting ready for the busy week ahead. 

Oh and maybe I watched some live tennis!!!! 

Yahsi Kochi!!


Rick said...

I'm watching the wonderful and talented Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard at the Australian Open.
Watch out women's tennis!


mexicokid said...

me too she just won...Go Canada les

Friday 19th October 2018...a different day!!!

Today is the the day i am going to the village where they make the soccer balls and my friends Willey and Geraldo picked me up at 10am..... ...