Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday 13th January 2014……The start of the week

I knew from my calendar that today was the start of my week when all classes and driving for Paola start and that the first three days of the week are going to be busy…so with it being Monday and Paty comes to clean you can guess what I did before she came……and then it was off to my first yoga class of the year….I have missed the classes over the holidays and it was good to get back into the routine and it was nice to see my teacher again.

From class I went to the bank and some grocery shopping and back home around 1.30pm and time for lunch.

Next on my agenda was getting my lesson prepared for my class tonight and then off to get Paola and took her to her dance class.  They have moved her up into a class with children around 13 and 14 years which is good but they have also changed the days so her new class is Monday and Wednesday which is one reason why these days are busy.

She really enjoys the class and is very strong even though she is so skinny!!!



After her class I drove her home and then went straight to my English class getting there just in time.

The students are always on time and they seem to enjoy the format of the class which includes some work from the required exercise book but I always include lots of reading for them individually out aloud and I always finish with a story and I have decided I am going to tell them week by week about my trip coming up in the summer so today I printed off some information on Iceland…….I do enjoy this class and my students are wonderful people and I so admire them coming to class 3 times in a week when they have such busy lives and families.

I was home by 8pm and relaxed with something to eat and now watching tennis from Australia… a good but busy day and more to follow.

Yashi Koshi!!!

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