Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday 14th January 2014…blink and the day is done!!!

I knew today was going to be really busy and it started by me leaving the house at 7.30am to go get the car and then to the food bank to pick up the food and to take it to the school….then back to get the scooter and be on the tennis courts by 9am…lovely and sunny and two hours of great tennis.

Dashed straight from the courts to my Doctor’s appointment where I am happy to report all my tests from the scopes last week are really good and I am in great health, his words!!!!

From there I went up to the big open Tuesday market and looked for training shoes but even though there were many shoe stalls I did not see what I wanted.


The market is very large and the local feeling is that if you cannot find what you want at this market it does not exist!!!



You just know I bought some of these….


Then it was back to get the car as a friend had offered to give me a couple of small tables, lights and a really warm blanket…so I went and picked them up and delivered them to paola’s house..she was home and was happy with the new gifts and her eyes lit up at the lovely blanket.

Next stop was my casita and I arrived there at 3pm…..had a late lunch and back into town for the 4.30pm teachers meeting at the school…..it lasted about one hour and then finally back to drop off the car and pick the scooter up again and head back into town for yoga class…………

So now it is 8.30pm and I am glad to be home…had a light sandwich and tea and now watching tennis and then will head into the bath tub!!!

What a day!!

Yashi Koshi!!!

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