Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Wednesday 1st January 2014…..still hard to believe!!!!

Well the first day of a new year and I was awake by 7am I knew this morning was going to be a play morning with two live soccer games to watch from England so I settled on the couch with some refreshments and watched both games…..  the second game was my brother’s home team, Hull playing the same team they beat a few weeks ago


unfortunately they were not able to repeat that performance but it was a good game….

Next was some sorting out of my drawers you would think that living alone my drawers would not get messed but it seems I do this every month.  Some of you I know are thinking I need to get a life!!!!

I then was getting ready to do a nice afternoon hike when Serena and Scott from downstairs asked if they could join me and we all went up into the canyons behind the casita and had a wonderful hike..I used my new pedometer and it was a total of 7.8 miles…here are a few shots on the way!!



I don’t know why but I just really like the above photo!!

This unfinished house was in the middle of now where.





I like this one below with the sun’s rays!!!


We only met one other hiker on the trail..


It was great to be out there again!!!!

I used my new BBQ tonight with the tank I bought yesterday and it all worked well.

So now I have had supper…a good long soak in the tub…I really enjoy the tub and I vary between Epsom salts, lavender bubble bath and a green tea foam!!

Now getting ready to watch the Canucks hockey game.

I did some reflection on the up coming months…first of all is next Wednesday when I have my little medical procedure, then the start of my yoga class, my teaching class, taking Paola to her dance troupe class they have changed the dates of her class from Tuesday and Thursday to Monday and Wednesday so I know now that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be really busy but not complaining and I am still going to keep my Friday's as Pearson days with no plans to see anyone and that will be my big hiking day…talking of which it is approximately 155 days before I begin my huge adventure of hiking the Camino Santiago…I am taking the northern route across Spain and it is around 550 miles or 850 km…so I have lots of time to get ready for the days of endless walking.

I really want to make a few changes in my life and if today was anything to go by I did a good job….I ate healthy, spent some time studying Spanish, spent time with friends and tried to be positive and embrace the day.

Best wishes again to you all for 2014!!!

Yashi Koshi!!!

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