Saturday, October 10, 2015

Wednesday 7th October 2015..Cruise day9!!!

Well putting the clocks back hour did not seem to bother me I still was up at 8am but to stormy seas!!!




This door is normally locked but this morning it was open so I snook this photo!!!


I went for a light breakfast before going to the first lecture on what to do and see in Honolulu…I have booked a rental car there for the day and am making a plan of the things I want to see.

Straight to a lecture on the sun..these talks are given by very talented individuals!!!

Did some reading in the library before I started my visit on deck 3!!! Did 15 laps 5 miles today and then off to the hot tub to relax….more reading before I went for dinner..tonight is formal night and I do not have the right attire but on my way to dinner met some of my friends I have been hanging with and they wanted me to grab this and join them!!!!


I had a nice steak for dinner and then went to the main stage for a gentleman from Poland called Kuba and he was  amazing playing many instruments and one I have never heard of or seen…so hear is a trivia question what musical instrument do you play by not touching it at all?????

Not sure if I have this right Theremin but this is what it looks like


IT is two radio masts and he puts his hands in between and close to them and the sound is just wonderful and the song he played amazing!!!

So another good day and just found out we put the clocks back again another hour so now I forget I think 4 hours behind Vancouver….also forgot to tell you that when you come aboard they automatically charge you 13 dollars per person per day for gratuities which is then spread around all the staff as you know I am a big tipper but when I sat down and worked it out 13 dollars is 17 dollars Canadian times 39 is nearly 670 dollars and I am not prepared to pay that talking to other passengers you can fill a form and cancel it and pay the individuals as you wish so that is what I did…I cancelled that amount and I will pay my steward and a few others no reason for me to tip the wine steward the seating captain I don’t go in those places so I  will make sure my guys are taken care of….

So another day done and one more full day at sea before Hilo…we outran Hurricane Oho today and now all is well.

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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