Saturday, October 03, 2015

Thursday 1st October 2015…cruise day3!!!!

Did you all remember to say 3 times rabbits????

I have not mentioned it but I am still not firing on all cylinders just feel a little off but still doing OK!!!

I sleep well because it is pitch black in my room……today is our first full day at sea and the night before they leave a program of the next day’s activities in your room and believe me there is a lot happening all day and night….so I pick the things I want to see and do and today it started with a presentation of the port stops and the package tours the cruise line offers I shall  not get any of these as I have done all my own but it was good to see some of the places especially the smaller south pacific islands that are not huge on tourism.

From there I went to a lecture on the history of California which I found very interesting.

Then at noon I went to one of the dining rooms where there was a meet and greet for all the singles on board…..welllllllll…….there are 24 of us and really how do I say this……not my type…. majority much older and bigger than myself…..there is one lady from England a few years younger than me..I actually met her at the gym presentation yesterday..she is nice and active and I asked her if she wanted to join the tour I bought in Hilo and she said she would and then another couple contacted me by e mail wanting to join so I have the three that I need.  Anyway glad I went but really they were not my type.

This afternoon I got myself a nice cup of tea found an outside lounge chair and sunbathed and read…yes the weather is lovely!!!

Then it was time for my deck 3 visit……another 12 laps which felt good.

Tonight is formal night but I am not going to go just do not feel like dressing up but I went to where I normally eat that is casual dress and then into the big theater where the local ship’s crew put on a wonderful energetic show.

I am amazed at how the time goes by……

So my feelings so far are that I like this ship

I like Bundi my steward.

I like the food.

I like planning for the next day.

I like the fact I can walk 4 miles every day.

I am lucky and blessed.

I miss my friends.

I miss internet but a break is good for me!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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