Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sunday 4th October 2015 …Cruise day6!!!!

We had to put the clocks back one hour last night before we went to bed but did not effect my sleep but woke up around 8am to rolling seas and even for a huge ship there was plenty of sway….

I went upstairs and had a light breakfast before I went to my first meeting of the day at 9am where the cruise director did a one on one question and answer period with the ship’s captain who is Dutch… was very informative and well attended.

From there it was time for my morning cup of tea and to  read the small newspaper they print each day before I went to the 10.30am tour of the kitchen……this really was a bit of  a flop and they just walked us part of the kitchen and out we were done in 2 minutes but they did hand out a fact sheet!!!







They do offer a tour of the kitchen, bridge and engine room but wait for it…the cost is 150 dollars…after the amount of money I paid for the cruise this is I think just plain out old fashioned greed!!!!

Spent some time reading and it was fairly quiet as I think a lot of people stayed in their rooms because of the seas…..

I did my 12 laps which was a little harder because of the motion and the hot tubs were also closed because of the swell …you cannot really see it in these shots!!



I do like the back end of the boat the best!!



Our next stop on Friday is in Hilo, Hawaii and here I booked before I left a private 4 person tour with a man who came well recommended and I did communicate with him and he offers a small 6 hour tour of Volcano National park, some waterfalls, hike and really anything else I wanted the cost was 360 dollars and I went ahead and paid for it all hoping that on board I could find 3 others to join me…and I have….a fun English lady and a couple from New Zealand and I suggested we had dinner together so I could just let them know what the tour was and that it would be 90 dollars each and they all want to that is good news for me.

Then I went to the main lounge where they had yet another wonderful act called the Uncertain Boys who did a take off of all Frankie Vallie hits, they were very entertaining…… time for bed it is 11.30pm!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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