Saturday, October 03, 2015

Wednesday 30th September 2015….Cruise day 2!!!

Had a good sleep but woke up with a brainwave… now no cryptic comments!!!!

My room is lovely but small and the big bed takes away all the room


So I found my cabin steward Bundi and asked him if he could separate the beds and when I came back from breakfast!!!!


So much more room!!!

Ok so back to this morning I had some fruit and then went to an 8.30am digital camera lecture


I did learn a couple of new tips…..

I then went and had a very leisurely breakfast and did manage to see a whale very close by but not quick enough with the camera!!!


Next stop was an 11am lecture in the gym this was about body weight it was also interesting but I did feel it was more of a presentation where you have a personal trainer will evaluate you for 85 dollars and then some more training sessions.

At noon we docked in Astoria till 5.30pm I did leave with drinks and snacks from the cafeteria and walked along the sea front into town…..apart from the wonderful old bridge this town was not really exciting…






I was back on board by 4pm after walking 4 miles…..I then went to my favorite deck…deck 3!!!!!!  the walking deck!!!

Three times around deck 3 is one mile and I walked at a fast pace and did 12 laps…… felt good.

Went and cooled down with a cup of tea in my new mug..the mugs they have are so small I needed a man’s cup so I did buy one in town, so had tea and read my Kobo and relaxed before I went into the hot tub…everyone including myself complains the water is not hot enough so if a few of us will ask about it maybe they will raise it a tad…..then a nice long hot shower and to dinner.

The way the restaurants work here is that there is a surf and turf classy restaurant which costs 29 dollars a head…then there is an Italian restaurant where it costs 10 dollars a head…next is a nice restaurant called the Vista serving a variety of food but nice tables etc. and this is free and then there is the Lido which is buffet style…I will try the Vista but so far the food in the Lido is great…tonight I had roast lamb and mint sauce with rice and veggies and then fruit…I am really trying to watch what I eat and stay away from the “bad” stuff.

At 8pm went to the main stage which is tiered and very elegant and holds I would think 500 people the act tonight was a magician and a juggler, comedian and singer he was a one man show and very talented…after that, yes not finished yet….went to my favorite corner of the ship where two drop dead gorgeous Russian girls perform…one plays the piano the other the violin and it is light classical music really great!!!!

Then it was off for my night time cuppa and one cookie and then the library to write this…

So you can see it is a busy life style…they give you the night before the program for the next day and really there is something on every hour I have already chosen my things for tomorrow…

Yashi Kochi!!!

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