Saturday, October 03, 2015

Saturday 3rd October 2015..Cruise day5!!!

I was up at 6am this morning and I knew from the Captain’s message from the night before that we would be docking in San Diego 2 hours ahead of our 10am estimated time of arrival…so I went out side and saw the day break and the ship coming into port!!



So the original plan was to get off the ship at 10am walk 4 blocks to where I had a car hired and then drive about 15 minutes to La Jolla where I had booked a 3 hour mountain bike tour starting at 1pm and then get back into town drop off the car and hopefully get back to the ship before last call at 5.30pm!!!

As we docked earlier by 2 hours I got off and went to the car hire Avis, they were happy to give me the car early I have a nice 4 door small Honda and got easy directions to La Jolla and I was outside the bike office at 9.15am…..I went in and asked if it was possible for me to get on the 10am tour and explained about my tight schedule…the nice young lady told me that the tour was sold out but she would check with the owner and she came back and told me that they by law are limited to the numbers on each tour but they had a new guide who was just starting out and had done 5 tours already but needed more experience so they sent Matt and myself out just the two of us how great was that.


So join us on our bike tour through some beautiful and very expensive real estate and beaches!!!






oh darn my camera acting up yet again!!!


This was an interesting little bay


Matt told me that a few years ago the town put in some money to build this wall and bay for the kids to have a safe and protected area to swim in and three days after it was opened these guys moved in



There is also a base close by where they train the Navy seals!!!!


Ok back to the tour




I enjoyed the tour and Matt was a fine guide plus I  did not have to worry about time…..

I am now in Starbucks and decided that whilst I have time I would do these first few days of the blog!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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Croft said...

Very good tour so far Les. Thanks for taking us along!

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