Saturday, October 03, 2015

Tuesday 29th September 2015….Cruise day 1!!!!!

Had a good last sleep on the “Bank” I feel OK my eyes are just a bit blood shot…….said goodbye to Kirby he is heading away to work and Heather, bless her, finished my packing and then said good bye to Ben and Alex and Heather drove me down to the sea plane terminal for my 1.15pm departure to Vancouver.

I am travelling with my new suitcase and a new back pack and so far all is well with those.

I had options getting to the cruise ship terminal but the only one that made sense to me was to take the float plane, a 20 minute flight and it lands right next door to my ship so after 30 minutes leaving Nanaimo I was in line for check in…..everything was very smooth and easy and I was aboard by 2pm and came straight to my room….




You are not allowed candles in your room or incense but I do have a nice lavender spray and when I opened my suitcase Heather had left me some goodies including these great imitation candles that have a remote control how sweet thank you!!!

It was easy putting all my stuff away lots of cupboard and hanging space, also a safe and a small fridge which is stocked but I shall not use any of the items too expensive but nice to have a fridge in the room.

The room is small but really what else do I need a comfortable bed, a table, a desk and nice sitting chair and the shower is great!!!

I took a while before we set sail to familiarize myself with the ship


The above is the only place I will not venture into it is the only place on the ship where you can smoke!!!


No tennis court!!!




  I have found the walking deck and asked and three times around is one mile so I shall start there in the morning.

Next stop was to go to the hot tub


I had a nice soak and then came back and showered and changed and went to the buffet restaurant and had a really nice chicken dinner with rice and veggies





…I am determined not to gain weight on this trip in fact I hope to loose a few pounds and I will be tough with myself about exercise and limit my food especially the sweet stuff!!!

I then walked the decks to see what was happening…I liked this art work it is called bull in a china shop!!!


Looks to me like the back end of an elephant though!!!




A wonderful library!!



These ladies were very talented and playing light classical music shall spend some time here as the days go by.


Our first stop tomorrow Astoria!!!


At 10pm I went to the big show lounge where a Vegas type act was showing and again top notch performers… now ready for bed after a great start to my cruise on Big Bluey!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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Croft said...

Very nice Les but remember our conversation. They will charge you for everything! They will charge you for the sunshine and for the rain! Be careful!

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