Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tuesday 6th October 2015….Cruise day8!!!

Beginning to sound like a broken record but slept well till just before 8am and then went and had a bit of a change for breakfast I indulged myself in the REAL English breakfast…you name it and it was on my plate!!!!

Then the first talk was about a well known hawaiin Princess that married her brother a tragic tale!!!!

Next was another of those one on one chats this time with the chief engineer who explained the inner running of the ship very informative!!!

Followed that with a travel presentation of our next port Hilo…after I needed a break so I have found this neat quiet spot where I carry a deck chair and sunbathed undisturbed so did that and some reading and then a light late lunch!!!!

The afternoon was a funny and interesting talk about is there life out there on other planets…..then to deck 3…this time I did 14 laps so almost 5 miles straight into the hot tub for a relaxing soak.

Changed and went with friends to a trivia competition we did not too bad and then dinner and the entertainment in the main lounge tonight was a great young local Hawaiian singer and he was really good.

We put the clocks back again tonight one more hour and at around 5am tomorrow morning we have to cross the path of Hurricane Oho but we are about 150 miles north of it and the Captain explained that it will rough for a while with swells of around 18 feet…I should sleep through it!!!

Wow I had a busy day!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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