Saturday, October 10, 2015

Thursday 8th October 2015..Cruise day10!!!

Wow this losing an hour each night is no fun but this is the last for a while till we cross the international date line and lose a day!!!

Still had a good sleep and cereal for breakfast before going to the first presentation an interview with the Hotel Manager and again a very informative and interesting time must be really hard to be in charge of such a vast operation!!!

I then went to a lesson on learning basic Hawaiian words and this I enjoyed…amazing the vowels sound and are pronounced almost exactly as in Spanish   and  only 13 letters in their alphabet…. I now can say hello and please and thank you and a few other words!!!

Then changed up my walk routine and hit the deck before noon and did 15 laps 5 miles and then came home and showered and found a nice quiet area of the boat and did my planning for the day I rent the car in Honolulu on Saturday.

I then took advantage of the beautiful weather to sunbathe and then hit the hot tub and then watched a lovely sunset!!!





I enjoyed a slow and lovely dinner whilst finishing my second book this was an autobiography by John McEnroe, a good read!!!

The show tonight was a tribute band to the Beach Boys and they were entertaining and upbeat.

I am now going to get my stuff ready for tomorrow… first land in 6 days and I have pre booked a small 4 person private tour so we will see how it goes……thanks for the e mails sorry not always able to write back!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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