Sunday, December 11, 2011

Well a very busy day!!! My computer died again so sorry no photos on this post..I am moving into my Casita tomorrow so did a few trips over on is quite amazing what I can take on the scooter, took my plants, my lounger and piles of other stuff.....also went up to Linda and Guy's and did my laundry and then back to the Casita with more stuff and then it was time for tennis...this time mixed doubles and we decided to play at a new venue a gated community out of town...we met at Carolyn's home and oh my goodness her home is so beautiful I must ask her sometime if I can take photos..... and then the 4 of us drove out together and as always a great game...back home in time for a shower and back to L & G's for a lovely supper now it is gone 11pm and the blog not done!!!
So the big moving day tomorrow.....all is well but I am pooped!!!

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Paula & Jerry said...

Happy Moving Day, Les!

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