Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday 10th December 2011…new photo header of the girls!!!!

Are they or are they not beautiful??????  Maybe they misbehave but……..I am a tiny bit biased!!!!

So where do I start??

Woke up to an e mail from my friend Gregg now offering to rent me their casita and he and Karen talked about it and I guess they decided that those rumours about my wild night life and drunken parties may have not been true!!!!!!!

Anyway first off I played a great 2 hours men’s doubles at 9am…this was a really good time!!!

Then I went over to Karen and Gregg’s house and looked over the casita and have committed to taking it!!!!!  It is about 5 blocks away from the RV park and close to town so a great location!!

It is an upstairs casita with my own entrance a place to park Bonita….it is one large room nicely decorated and comes with everything…lovely bathroom and I am hoping Gregg will install a bath tub for me this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have my own roof top sun deck with views of the is ideal!!  The rent is a real bargain 200 dollars a month and I am all set to move in on Monday…..then the problem was where to park Ramona I looked at where Gregg parks his car and it would have been perfect except the entrance roof top was just a bit too low…but as the angels follow me I came home check my e mails and Linda and Guy have kindly offered to have Ramona park outside thier casa..which is perfect and actually where she has stayed the last three winters.

So I have a great wonderful and very reasonably priced apartment to move into…a place to park Ramona and a savings in my pocket book….I am so lucky to have so many great, generous and special friends!!!!!

So after dec10 001lunch I went to a local fair.

dec10 003Check out these colours!!!

dec10 004I think this a falcon!!!

Back to the park and did some chores and this is one of the reasons for the move!!

dec10 005

Then it was time to go to Casa Hogar and see my girls…it was perfect timing and I took them into a quiet area and we played games and shared treats!!!'

They really enjoyed themselves and Paola is recovered from her bumps and check out these photos they are so beautiful!!!!

dec10 007

dec10 008

dec10 009Paola is showing off her necklace she was given the other day by the sister of Janelle, a friend in the RV park!!

dec10 010

dec10 011

dec10 012

dec10 015

dec10 016

This was a really good visit with the girls!!!

Back home as I was preparing supper I could hear loud music so got my camera and out the front gate…this is one of the things I love about Mexico…right outside the gate this is what I saw and heard!!!!
wedding 001

wedding 002

wedding 003

wedding 004

So a really great day for me and I hope you all had a great day too!!!!!


Rick said...

Amazing how you can rent a nice casita for less than half of campground fees. Next winter you should fly down to SMA and save thousands of dollars spent on fuel for Ramona.

mexicokid said...

Except the journey down is so wonderful but will next winter rent again.....cheers Les

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