Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday 29th December 2011….a great day!!

Started out with tennis at 9am with Lauren 2 hours of singles which was really good…..back home at Casita Doris and time for lunch and an hour of reading out on the sun roof.

Sara is coming to SMA end of January for a couple of months and she has asked me to look for an apartment for her so I went to look at one this afternoon and it was lovely so she will have to decide if she wants me to reserve it for her it is close to the Centro which is what she wanted her school is close by.

3pm I was at Casa Hogar and for the first time able to take the girls out sadly for me Paola is with her Mother for a week so Daniela got to pick a friend and she choose Suzy, who is a lovely girl the same age as Daniela.

It was just a great feeling to walk out with them and know I had them for a while on my own…we walked a while and then took a taxi I had intended to take them to the park but they told me they missed lunch and were hungry so change of plans we came back to Casita Doris….I asked them what they wanted but I knew the answer before they even said they wanted

IMG_7840They love these!!

So I bought them next door at the little store and we sat around and they ate!!!





I don’t know who dressed Daniela this morning!!!!


They were so much fun, they are inquisitive and funny..after lunch it was time for them to feed the fish and water the plants!!!!



Then it was time to play games which we did then they went on my sun deck and came back looking like this!!!!!!!


After tennis this morning I put my gear outside to dry off…don’t they look so funny????

We then walked back a ways then got a taxi back to CH…when I have them I make sure they always say thanks to the taxi driver and he was amazed and just smiled…..I told the Madres that the girls had been really good and I hope to take then to the hot springs on Saturday!!

Here are some photos that my good friend and resident CH photographer Jorge took at the show on Tuesday!!!


2Do you think Melanie was happy to see me??


The girls arriving and some of my lovely chaperones, Josolin, Carolyn and John and Sharon!!!






13This photo depicts what I really like about this country and culture…..we were after the show waiting for the bus to come and little Melanie told me she needed to go to the bathroom….I picked her up and there was an open air small family restaurant across the street and I thought I better get Carolyn to do this so here I am passing Melanie off and Carolyn and her go across the street…when they came back Carolyn told me that when she went it and asked to use the washroom the lady behind the counter picked Melanie up and took her in the back to the washroom….they asked Carolyn what was happening and she told them about the girls and where we had been so when Melanie came out the lady handed her a huge bag of candy for all the girls…gotta love Mexico!!!!!!

These girls and all the happenings at Casa Hogar make me feel so humble and every little thing you do for them is returned ten fold  over with smiles and kindness!!!!

Today is the special birthday for my only Uncle…….Bram I wish you many more Happy Birthday’s………my Dad would be proud to know that you are still so active and healthy and happy love both you and Auntie Rita!!!!

Time for tea, cookies and a movie!!!!!


Paula & Jerry said...

SUPER pictures, Les!!! Enjoyed your blog very much.
See you soon, amigo!

mexicokid said...

that photo of them in my shorts and shirt is priceless!!!!! Counting the days till you rol into SMA,,,be safe and happy Les

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