Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Tuesday 6th June 2017......not a good start!!!

For the first time in over a week I had a good sleep and felt much better this morning and I had breakfast and got ready for tennis at  9 am...when I walked outside I realized it had rained sometime during the night but thought no more about it only to find when I got to the courts they were closed because of the rain..Oh well... we usually call one another when it rains but no one did this time and with the rainy season approaching I expect it will happen again sometimes.........

I took advantage of the time to go get some groceries and had Little Bluey to the Spa where she got the full treatment for only 60 pesos!!!!

Came back and had lunch and then walked to the gym for my first session with was good to see him and the session went well although I know I am not as fit as I was when I left two months ago but it will come back.

I am finding that walking everywhere is OK and of course it is good for me so not sure what to do about a scooter I was all set to buy a new one but may hold off a while and see how I feel in a few weeks.

After I finished at Joe's walked home and relaxed and then went over to Gracie's casa she is only about a 7 minute walk away...we ordered in pizza and watched a great movie called Denial well worth watching........

Now home and hoping for another good sleep and no rain as I  have tennis planned for the morning!!!

This are regular sights in the morning skies over the town!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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