Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday 30th June favorite hike!!!!!

Last night Gracie and I went out  to a small piano bar where 35 people paid 200 pesos about 11 US dollars and and about 13 Canadian dollars to listen to this amazing tenor swoon the place he was just magical...
It was the best value for money anywhere!!!!

Today no rain so i decided to do a long hike to my favorite place here in SMA....

So I started from home down past the large supermarket and this view with the red showing where I am heading and what is there????

See the white structure???
Now you know thanks zoom camera!!!!
On the way uop to the cross looking back at the Pressa!!!

Just a wonderful view from  the top!!

This fruit is called tuna!!!
I usually see a herd of wild horses and a white one especially that I normally pet but today only this fella!!!!
Anybody see the bridge??
Great fun going over this....
This is the view from the bridge a few more weeks with all the rains there will be this most amazing waterfall flowing down here!!!
This is the top of the waterfall not ready yet!!!
Looking down you can see where over time the force of the water has formed these ridges in the rock!!!

One the way back home saw this unusual building!!!
Could not figure out what they are making at first I thought the one on the left was a basket for the hot air balloons!!!
So here is the App that I use to chart the walk!!!!
It was a great work out and a nice peaceful time......

So tennis is scheduled for tomorrow morning but there is NO WAY!!!!

Around 6 pm the heavens opened I have never seen rain quite like it and then followed by hail stones as big as a quarter and now at 10 pm it is still raining...I looked outside my front door it is not a road anymore it is a river!!!

I feel so sorry for those people in the Campo's!!!!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

What is the name of the app, please? My fit bit acts up sometimes and if it does die I think I will not replace it. What a lot of rain. Cheers.

mexicokid said...

it is called Tracks it works great have a great Canada day L

Friday 20th July 2018......Friday again?????

The header at the top of the page is the back of the house and back yard with customary deer!!!!! It is getting later every