Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday 15th June 2017............go Ashley!!!!!!

Ashley is the grand daughter of my lovely friend Stella and I have know Ashley for 6 years and even hit balls against her when she was only 12 years old.....

Ashley is now 17 years old and in her first year of a full scholarship at Pepperdine University and is doing awesome....

She entered her first Future's tournament and got in on a wild card and as you can see from the chart below doing well.....

Her last name is Lahey and she beat her Mexican opponent this morning to reach the quarter finals where she will meet the No.1 seed.....

I have followed her career with much interest and apart from being an awesome tennis star Ashley is one of the nicest young ladies I have ever met...way to go Ash!!!!!!

Ashley's 17th Birthday party!!!!

Stella, Ashley, Pauline Ashley's Mum and Caron Ashley's Aunt!!!!!

 A picture tells a 1000 words!!!!

$25,000 Sumter, SC   LIVEUSA Flag


  • Host nation: USA
  • Date: 12 June - 18 June 2017
  • Category ITF Womens Circuit
  • Surface: Hard - Outdoor
  • Prize Money: $25,000 USD
  • Promotional Name: PALMETTO PRO OPEN
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Croft said...

Go Ashley!

mexicokid said...

thanks into the quarter's cheers les

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