Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tuesday 27th June 2017....the season has started!!!

The heavy monsoon type rains started late yesterday afternoon and kept going until the late evening so I knew the tennis game this morning would be cancelled as the clay courts just cannot get dry till late in the afternoon!!!

The rains usually go through until late July so I expect more cancellations....but the rain is so needed after such a hot and dry May!!!!!

I have some photos to down load but for some reason the computer will not scan the card!!!!

My session at the gym with Joe this afternoon was another good and hard workout!!

This afternoon a local lady who walked the Camino last year was giving a lecture and advice session and I decided I should was interesting to hear another pilgrim and their experiences and the meeting was well attended and of course it stirred up many wonderful memories for me.

This evening Gracie invited two of her friends over for dinner I BBQ some lovely  steaks we bought at Costco last week and it was a very pleasant evening!!!!

Now waiting for the rains to start!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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