Saturday, June 03, 2017

Saturday 3rd June 2017...Day 56!!!

Well I had a rotten sleep tossing and turning most of the nights until 7 am when I got up and had tea and I was so happy to know I had a very easy day with only a few miles to drive...

Relaxed and then went down town and found a parking lot and walked to the foot crossing into Mexico!!!

The bridge I had to walk across...
The office where I needed to go..
There was no line up and the whole process of getting a 180 day visa took maybe three minutes and cost 500 pesos!!!!

Walked back across the bridge...I think years ago Laredo used to be a very vibrant and wonderful town now it looks like it needs a face lift...I did feel completely safe and no issues at now I have my visa and my car permit so tomorrow should be a lot easier not having to stop and obtain these!!

The last couple of days I have not been feeling 100% think I have a slight cold so I bought some medicine something I rarely do and came home and happy to find this wonderful soccer cup final on TV!!!!

The decided to go for a swim but went outside and it was pouring with rain and from the skies below you can see how dreary but still very hot!!!

Gracie sent me this photo from her patio in San Miguel!!!!

There was an important hockey game on TV tonight at 7 pm but i could not find it so I listened to it on the computer whilst I cooked some eggs, did some sorting and route planning and getting ready for my return to San Miguel tomorrow.... a long drive but I can do it!!!
As I write this I have CNN on TV and listening to the sad story of another terrorist incident in London..I think this is only going to get worse!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!

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Peter Kouwenhoven said...

May you have a safe travel day to SMA, we sure miss the place. Terrorism is working on me, I now avoid places with large crowds...

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