Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Wednesday 1st February 2017...a new month already!!!

You know by now on the first of the month to start the day with rabbits, rabbits, rabbits for good luck!!!!

Poker this afternoon and I was back on the winning track only 15 pesos but a win is a win!!

It has been quite a difficult few days with lots going on and tonight at class all my students were there and we talked about the loss of Martha and how it impacts our lives and I felt they just needed to talk for a while and then to get on with our it is Wednesday it was pay it forward day and I always get amazed at them the things they do for other people without question but we all say the same thing it feels so good to us to give or to do something for a stranger.....they have so accepted the concept and I see in the body language and their thought process that they do get it and they are passing it forward to everyone they meet.......we ended the class we me giving them chocolate and we all hugged and told each other we loved everyone...quite moving!!!

Blessings to all my readers!!!

Yashi Kochi!!

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